Review: Ideal Reasons for Publishing with Barnes and Nobles

All of us writers and authors all want to publish a book or get published in a book! We have submitted and submitted–and sometimes still get those annoying “NO” letters… While some of us have had success getting published, there is something about SELF PUBLISHING that is more satisfying.

Maria Gudelis is an author, entrepreneur, Real Estate agent and an Internet Marketing Expert. She has begun advising other writers why they should get their books published on Barnes and Nobles…

Here are her 4 reasons for getting published on Barnes and Nobles:

  1. It gives you instant Credibility
  1. It separates YOU from the rest of your competition
  1. You use the book as your “Lead Generation Magnet” and each buyer of your book becomes a customer that can buy even MORE from you as you establish a relationship with them.
  1. You can use the book as a instant ‘conversation’ piece at networking events.

By using these four reasons and tools for getting published on Barnes and Nobles, this could actually be beneficial for the new and even advanced writer. Part of a whole writer’s journey is getting their word out there and being noticed. Without having readers, an author really has no reason to write-unless it is just for self satisfaction-which is why some of us may carry journals.

Maria Gudelis’s goal is to let you know how this can help you. If you agree with her or want to know more about how to publish on Barnes and Nobles, her website has some useful information that could help you develop your marketing skills to “getting your books out there” on the market.