Start a Small Business in Document Storage: Back up and Restoration of Antique Photographs and Documents

When it comes to document storage of old documents and photos, many older folk still use an old shoe box, resulting in stained, torn and faded images.

Paper products or loose photos stored in antique albums, envelopes or boxes can suffer the effects of acid, turning the photos or documents yellow and brittle. Dampness, mold and insect damage can destroy documents.

Document Storage and Restoration

Hard copies of photos and documents may need to be professionally restored. However, for electronic document storage and backup, all that is needed is a good quality scanner and photo editing software to enhance images if necessary. Gimp is a free Linux resource or Photoshop can be purchased. Copying old negatives is possible using special camera equipment.

Online Sharing

Online backup software can be downloaded to a computer at home. Once installed the software automatically backs up selected files and folders to, for example, the Mozy online storage site. The user is then able to grant access to the online storage facility enabling others to access and view images and documents from their computers.

Storage Solutions, Scanner, Back up to Disk – Costs Involved

Set up an attractive website with contact details, information and references and/or links that will be appealing to the client. Consider sending out regular e-mails with some document storage information which will serve the purpose of advertising and reminding the client of the ongoing need for such a service.

It must be emphasized that if a scanner is purchased, it must be the best quality possible in order to get a good job done, since cheap scanners will make work time consuming and will possibly wear out quickly if the workload increases.

The cost of an online backup solution such as Mozy needs to be factored in to the price that will be charged clients.

Compile a portfolio, with professional photographs of work done so far. Add to this as time goes on along with references.

Do an excellent job and be reliable. Referrals will follow and satisfied clients will do the advertising for the business owner.