When Selling A Home, Small Details Count!: Maximize Home Sales Potential

During a walk through an area of homes mostly well-landscaped and cared for, it was striking that there were a number of “For Sale” signs on the lawns for several months.One cannot help but wonder whether sellers, along with their realtors, have done everything to make sure the homes show at their utmost. It must be said that the current economy is absolutely a factor. It is also true that in order to be the home that sells in this market, a seller must put certain things in place.

A Glaring Repair Item

One home specifically, stood out. It is a lovely corner lot home with a deck leading ones eye directly to a large, gaping hole in the exterior of one of the window screens. It looks like someone put a fist through the thing. Why would the seller allow that easy repair to remain? Don’t give a prospective buyer reason to pass by!

Does your plumbing need an update? Update the plumbing! Does your bedroom need a new coat of paint? Spent the small bit of money and take care of it! Does your house have a desperate need for a water purifier? Check out Barix and get that taken care of!

Use a Professional Home Stager

A home stager can be an invaluable part of this process. This professional will have ways to enhance each room, ensure furniture is arranged most beneficially, will know how to take an owner through the steps of decluttering and depersonalizing. It is important that a potential buyer can actually envision themselves in every room of the home. Therefore, every facet from cleanliness to color to accessorizing is vitally important.

Following are some tips to get started:

Steps for Making a Home Ready For Sale

  • Before a home is listed for sale, make sure the following are tended to:
  • All light bulbs in every fixture work.
  • All screens and all windows are in perfect condition.
  • Carpets are cleaned.
  • Kitchen counters are cleaned and cleared of excess.
  • Windows are clean.
  • There are no pet or other odors.
  • The entry is set up tastefully to greet visitors.
  • Walls have no stains, nicks, holes.
  • If a coat of paint is needed, paint.
  • All floors are clean and dust-free.
  • All furniture is appropriate for the space, arranged accordingly, and clean.
  • All excess furnishings and accessories are removed.
  • Personal items are removed or to a minimum.
  • There are no cobwebs or similar crawly things.
  • Light fixtures are clean. (Buyers do look up)
  • Exterior entry ways are clean and clear of obstructions.
  • All landscaping is pruned and clean.
  • Any issues with fencing are repaired.

There may or may not be a heavy to-do list once the decision to sell is made. In the long run, if issues are handled before the realtor is contacted, and surely before the first prospective buyer arrives, a home will be most likely to sell more quickly and for the best price.